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About Go-Getters Brand  

Go-Getters Brand (GB) provides research, evaluation and design consultancy through its subsidiary, Go-Getters Consultancy (GC).

GB is led by a dynamic, multi-lingual, and multi-talented researchers who endeavour to inspire growth and contribute to development in South Africa.

Why Go-Getters Consultancy?

We believe that our clients' success is our success. At the epicenter of our ethos is professionalism, we consistently maintain high standards in our services and bring our ‘A’ game in every project so as to give the client beyond satisfactory results.
We revolve our amenities around our understanding of our clients’ business needs: we take our time to comprehend their business features – the specific industry, the businesses vision and mission, the industry language, trends and movements. We do not put ourselves in their shoes; instead, live the way they live and dream as they dream. We endeavor to aid enterprises exploit the extraordinary opportunities present in our nation, manage the materialization of the clients’ aspirations and sustain their growth – with the maximization of revenue.

About Us
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Our vision is to improve organisational output, to inspire excellence, and create conscious citizens.


Our mission is to make knowledge available and ready for consumption, to instill virtues that encourage excellence within our own teams and offer in-depth and practical feedback to our clients as well as create opportunities to receive feedback. We aim to provide personalized service, exhibit genuine concern for all customers, and demonstrate ethical behavior in furthering our success and the success of our clients.


  • Nurturing excellence

  • Enriching lives

  • Empowering people

  • Transforming communities

  • Sharing information

  • Legacy – sustainability, empowerment, ownership

  • Grounded – aware, realistic & connected

  • Integrity – transparency, ethics & credibility


GoGetters has adopted Career & Education Avenue (CEA) as its corporate social responsibility agent. Each year, a share of the company’s profit is donated to CEA. The responsibility of the organization is to provide support to disadvantaged South African learners. Part of the organisation’s work is mentoring and career guidance to these learners, and extends this support throughout their tertiary studies. The disbursement of these funds varies from year to year based on staff proposals on suitable, sustainable projects.



I am writing this testimony letter to recommend the excellent services rendered of Go-Getters Brand company during my masters studies.


Lesedi and Bruce has been working so hard for me to accomplish and attain my masters studies .It was very interesting to be part of them as a team and a family. They were willing to help me with the necessary information which I needed and also they are very knowledgeable and compatible  with research studies.


I am confident about their services of research consultancy. I can surely recommend their services. Feel free to be in contact with them



Wow..I still can't believe I managed to get a Distinction on my Research proposal.

I really appreciate your support. Your generous help has made an impact in my life. Honours loading........

Thank you so much Go-Getters Team.


Students have different needs and commitments…things that goes beyond just understanding the tasks at hand. Working with Go Getters made me realise that the greatness of a student is interlinked to the passion and commitment of the teacher.


I remember when I Registered to do my honours degree the first person I consulted for guidance and support was Mr Lesedi Matlala (PHD Candidate @UJ) and Bruce Chidi.


Overcommitted and busy as they were with their work and studies, it’s needless to say, they have walked this journey with me from my first assignment to the last. Their commitment to assisting me never fell short.


They provided me with ample time to and adequate resources to understand and perform my work easily. They have excellent teaching and supervision services that are timely, bespoke and I loved the fact that they encourage students to take control of their studies.


Today I’m a graduate with their efforts, guidance and my commitment to the course.


If I ever find myself walking this journey again I will definitely consult them for guidance and support.


I have worked with Go-Getters on research project. Upon notifiying them about the project, their responce has been instant, they kept communicating with me from the start till the end. I had expectations and throughout it was clarified what would work and what wouldn't.


They have a good understanding on research framework and procedures. I have learnt a lot from our engagements and they have truly given value for the price l paid.




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