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Asserting ourselves one day at a time!

At Go-Getters Brand (GB), we are committed to making our mark in the research industry and empowering black youth along the way. With each passing day, we assert our presence and showcase our capabilities to the world.

Through our unwavering dedication, unique expertise, and the incredible talent within our team, we are forging a path of success and impact. We are here to make a difference, leaving no room for doubt.

Together, let's continue to assert ourselves, one day at a time, as we strive for excellence, empower black youth, and shape the future of the research industry.

Exciting Book Launch

"An Entrepreneurial Guidebook on User Research: A South African Perspective" by Lesedi Senamele Matlala, Director of Go-Getters Brand, is here!

Unique Perspective:

Tailored for South African entrepreneurs, this guidebook emphasizes our diverse culture, language, and socioeconomic factors to empower businesses with user research insights.

Motivation Behind the Book:

Driven by a passion for youth development and entrepreneurship, Lesedi aims to equip entrepreneurs with the tools for success.

Thank You:

Thanks to JET Education Services and all attendees for making the launch memorable! Grab your copy and unlock the power of user research in your ventures. #GoGettersBrand #BookLaunch #UserResearch #SouthAfricanEntrepreneurs #YouthDevelopment #Entrepreneurship

Introduction to GoGetters Brand. Welcome to the world of those who get things done

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