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GO-GETTERS BRAND (GB), CONSULTANCY, offers Socio-economic research and surveys. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds, multi-disciplinary and dynamic professional experience.


GO-GETTERS BRAND (Pty) Ltd. CONSULTANCY, is a full-service research consulting firm that specializes in policy monitoring and evaluation, project management and social science research in South Africa. Our foundations are rooted in, Monitoring and Evaluation Research, Socio-Economic Research, and Social Sciences Research.

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GoGetters Brand was founded in 2020 by Bruce Lesiba Chidi and Lesedi Senamele Matlala. The idea of a research consultancy was borne out of the need to reduce economic disparities and woes that exist in South Africa. Research has the potential to change the narrative and swing the pendulum back. The founders saw a big gap in the market and quickly came to fully comprehend the opportunities the gap presents: opportunities to be a part of an important industry, to empower and improve the lives of people, and for the advancement of society.

The business is inspired by the hundreds to thousands of stories told by fellow black entrepreneurs. Stories of success and failure, strong bonds and trust as well as betrayal and abandonment. What inspires us is that we have the power to rewrite the downtrodden stories and have the potential to be elevated and elevate the magnitudes of black success stories. We are shaping the society, which is South Africa, we are changing the narrative of the black child. We are go-getters!


The research consulting industry continues to grow in South Africa. Its significance is attributed to the need for factual decision-making by funders, governments, and businesses looking for the most relevant and accurate data to inform their decision making. As the country develops, billions of Rands are being invested in projects that aim to improve the standards of living and bring about change. The one question that remains is: will there be a significant return on investment from the initiatives directed at change the lives of millions? Researchers can respond to this question impartially, saving money, time, resources, and maximizing impact.


Research extends beyond projects by government, and civil groups. It may be used to inform individual decision making and policy that regulates personal interaction. South Africa and the entire African continent are fast realizing the importance of research in all areas of society including governance. This means that the industry will continue grow in the next years and create more opportunities for the youth to enter into research in various roles and at various levels.

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